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Ready, Fire, Aim.

Well, it’s the end of the summer…the last of family barbecues and visits to the lake. It reminds me of the need to plan for family gatherings so that you can enjoy your time with family without feeling like you have to deprive yourself of the good food that is there!

I enjoyed the family barbecue this year, but with a twist! I decided to grill all sorts of vegetables, and since the fire was “hot” I decided to make enough for the week to enjoy. One of my strategies for SkinnyThick is to prepare meals in bulk for the week – meal prepping! That way when I get home from work, I have a better chance staying on my program because I have ready meal choices available to me. This week, I grilled vegetables and seafood for the week and prepared rice and black beans to go with them towards the end of the week.

This week I talk about “Ready. Fire. Aim” and the need to “just do it!” To start a plan for healthy living requires commitment and dedication, but it can’t always be perfect. You might end up at that family barbecue with lots of foods which tempt you to overindulge. Or, you might stay on your plan, but leave feeling hungry and deprived. To avoid this, you make a plan and WORK your plan. So, for example, you might eat modestly for breakfast and lunch and enjoy more for dinner. Or, you can have small portions (or tastings) of the food that you like which might be calorie rich. Have A rib and a healthy piece of grilled chicken. Perhaps a tablespoon of macaroni and cheese, which you savor a noodle at a time…

Remember, one of the main pillars of SkinnyThick is ATTITUDE so if you adopt a plan that allows you to enjoy life you will have a healthy attitude about your need to control your calorie intake! It won’t be perfect to start, but what in life ever is? You will do better than you may have normally done at a family gathering. The next time you will do even better!



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About My Journey to Better Health

Hey!  I’m Cynthia and thanks for joining me on my weight loss journey towards better health!  Like many others, I have been on this journey before, but each time I get better and go further.  When I slip and somehow end up back where I started, I feel a sense of regret.  It takes a lot to attempt weight loss and to regain the weight happens to 95% of us.  So I thought that this time, I’d make you my partners and my witnesses as we journey together towards better health – the skinnythick way!

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