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Cynthia Reeves - Skinnythick

Hey! I'm Cynthia. 

skinnythick is a concept for realistic weight loss.  Society sets unreasonable standards for a healthy physical appearance.  On my last trip down the scale, I learned that I don’t need to weigh in at 120 pounds when I’m 5’9” tall.  My role models are women who have healthy figures who carry more weight on their frames – hence, they are “skinnythick”!

skinnythick is also about frugal living.  It’s a word that brings together two words with opposite meanings.  A skinnythick life is one in which we seek to get the most out of life for the least amount of money!  Not everyone can afford a personal trainer or celebrity chef to help them get healthy, so the meals that we will share with you will be low cost and designed for people who live in cities who may not always have ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  We will always strive for healthy options for our nutrition, but we may find it from other sources.  We will focus on getting the most flavor and satisfaction out of our food choices.

Will we stumble?  Will we have set backs?  Absolutely, but together, we will learn how to overcome these roadblocks on a journey to better health.  We are making a lifestyle commitment here and that takes time.  Join me!

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