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Skinnythick™ Program Philosophy!

What does it mean to be “Skinnythick”?  What is this program about?

Skinnythick was born out of the philosophy that you don’t need a lot of money to lose weight.  The program is inspired by the financial constraints placed upon the working poor in our communities.  These families are constantly targeted by, and live in communities served by, fast food restaurants.  Further, access to fresh fruits and vegetables is often diminished in these neighborhoods.  As a result, people in these urban areas often suffer from diabetes and increased incidents of obesity.  The mission of Skinnythick is to help people control their weight, lose weight and accomplish this within a limited financial budget!

The $10 Plan!

Skinnythick meals are designed to feed four people for less than $10.  In setting this goal, we have assumed certain foods are in your pantry that can be used to create the dishes that we have developed.  The price point that we work with is designed to lessen the burden on working families and work within the reality of the a typical family budget. See recipes. 

Many of us live in communities with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables, we fresh vegetables when they are in season and frozen vegetables the rest of the time.  This concept is reflected in the Skinnythick recipes.  While we would all prefer to use fresh, we understand that not everyone as access to them and that the processes for preserving these vegetables has improved substantially over the years.  At the end of the day, the key is to get high nutritional value in our food.

The Calorie Count

The Skinnythick menu is based upon a 1200 calorie daily intake.  This calorie amount was based upon review of popular programs.  Using this as a base, you can choose to increase the calories by adding healthy snacks or an additional small meal to the daily program.  We have shared [calorie counting and weight loss estimate tools that can allow you to identify the amount of calories that you should consume each day in order to achieve a specific weight loss target based upon your age, height and amount of physical activity.  You can lose weight at your own pace, or modify your weekly rate depending upon your lifestyle.  Remember, weight loss is all about math

A Three-Pillar Approach

Skinnythick is built upon a foundation of three pillars.  Success in obtaining a healthy lifestyle is based upon your ability to embrace and manage all three of these pillars: attitude, nutrition and fitness.  The most important of these items is the attitude that a person has with respect to a journey to better health. Having a better attitude is to be open to trying something new.  To cooperate and comply with the Skinnythick program to get healthier (don’t fight it, just surrender to it) .  To have an attitude of success that would lead you to believe that if you continue to work on the program, you will be successful – even if you are discouraged by your results – trust the process and stick with it!

Nutrition is a natural part of any healthy lifestyle change and serves as the second pillar of the Skinnythick philosophy.  Not only should we try to take in fewer calories, we should try to have nutritional balance in our meals.  We should get in important nutrients to sustain our bodies and proper hydration.  Water is an important part of any healthy lifestyle.  It removes impurities from our system along with a number of other benefits!

The final pillar is fitness.  While there are some of us who are unable to undertake a major fitness routine to start, with time, as you lose weight, you will be able to undertake modest exercise.  For some of us, those with large amounts of weight to lose, the activities of everyday life are enough exercise to help you on your journey.  As you lose weight and become more active, you will be able to undertake a more structured exercise routine.  The most important thought, however, is that fitness is an important component of any journey to better health.

The Skinnythick philosophy is intended to teach us how to modify our behavior so that we can adopt a healthy lifestyle and stick with it as a lifelong commitment!

A New Lifestyle

At the end of the day, Skinnythick seeks to help you to modify your lifestyle.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle takes time and comes with many challenges to overcome.  Sometimes we make great choices, but sometimes we struggle and have set backs.  Skinnythick tries to prepare you for the times when we fail because it is at these times that we are most likely to want to give up on our journey to better health.  “Healthier today than I was yesterday” is our motto.  We realize that better health is a slow process that must be undertaken a step at a time.  Join us!

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