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The Skinnythick Six: 6 Ways to Combat Depression

Depression is a natural part of life. We are happy and we get sad sometimes. However, sadness can lead to self-destructive behavior, including gorging on food which is not healthy for you. When you are depressed, it is good to identify this feeling and to work consciously to move to a better mind set. It has been said that no one can make us happy. Happiness comes from within.

Here are some ideas to help you to overcome your sadness:

1. Ask Yourself Why?

Meditate and consider why you are sad and depressed. Identifying these issues may be the first step in plotting a pathway out of depression and on to the road of success and happiness. Being depressed is a normal part of life, understanding why you are depressed might be the first step to pulling yourself out of your depression.

2. Netflix and Chill!

Watch a comedy on television or check out a funny movie. Getting in a few laughs is likely to lift your mood and get you thinking about something else!

3. Practice Kindness!

Depression is often accompanied by great sadness and the tendency to be highly critical of yourself. Beating yourself up will only lead to a greater depth of depression. One sure way to get out of a depressive state is to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself, learn from the experience and move forward with life. We can be our own hardest critic. If we can forgive ourselves, this can be the best cure for depression.

4. Get Out!

Nothing can combat depression like activity. Get out into the sunshine, do something for yourself or do something for a charity that you support. The sunshine will lift your spirits and focusing on something different will change your perspective!

5. Phone a Friend!

Call a friend who can be your cheerleader and help you gain perspective on your depression. Perhaps you are depressed as a result of a common experience you shared, your friend can give you a new way to think about the situation which might see you through your depression. There is nothing like a friend to give you perspective, cheer you up or get you out and about to see the world!

6. Get Therapy!

Some bouts of depression are so profound that we need the help of a professional to navigate our way to better mental health. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and should be commended. Importantly, there should be no shame in getting professional counseling. With a professional, you get the benefit of the experience gained from the work your therapist has undertaken with other clients guide them through their depression.

Remember, the way to get on track is to remember the pillars of Skinnythick – attitude, nutrition and fitness and tweak each pillar to get yourself on track! Depression relates to your attitude and may impact upon your journey to better health.

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