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Setting Realistic Goals

Starting on a journey to better health can be daunting for any person. However, we can feel defeated even before we start if we do not have a realistic goal of where we want to end up on this journey. Not everyone is destined to be a slim size 4 or a petite size 2. While some people can maintain those weights and body types, many more of us must embrace sizes that are appropriate for our body types. Someone who is tall, may not be able to maintain a body weight intended for a more petite bone structure. An athlete may have a great figure, but her weight might be higher due to bone density and muscle mass.

Our weight shouldn’t be the main issue, how our body functions – our mobility and health should be the most important thing to focus on!

Setting reasonable, achievable goals should be an ongoing process as we lose weight. Instead of focusing on the loss of 50 or 100 pounds, focus on five to ten-pound increments. I try to find a reason to celebrate based upon “rounded” numbers. So, for example, if I get to a 22-pound loss, my next “goal” is to get to 25 pounds…and I can celebrate! Alternatively, if I get to a number on my scale ending in a “6” for example, 256, then I will focus on the goal of 250 pounds or even 245! This way I’m never too far from celebrating a “milestone” …those celebrations keep me on track and motivated for my weight loss!

Another important motivator is finding women who have a shape that we admire. In my video for the week, I talk about some of my figure “sheros” …women who I think embrace being “skinnythick” …but these figure “sheros” are all around us! If you see a friend who has a shape you admire, ask her what she weighs (discretely) and maybe she will tell you. You will be surprised that women who look fit and healthy with curves weigh amounts that are reasonable, achievable and sustainable! If you are too shy to ask, follow this link to a website where real women post photos based upon their age, height and weight.

Setting a reasonable weight loss target is one of the first steps toward success!

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About My Journey to Better Health

Hey!  I’m Cynthia and thanks for joining me on my weight loss journey towards better health!  Like many others, I have been on this journey before, but each time I get better and go further.  When I slip and somehow end up back where I started, I feel a sense of regret.  It takes a lot to attempt weight loss and to regain the weight happens to 95% of us.  So I thought that this time, I’d make you my partners and my witnesses as we journey together towards better health – the skinnythick way!

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