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Skinnythick VLOG EP9

Nothing beats a win, like another win! I have been on this journey to better health and the results are coming in. Although I can’t “see” them quite yet, I can see that the scale is going down. Now is the time that I want to pause and think about what got me here and how far I’ve come.

Every weight loss program is met with high enthusiasm! We get excited, we commit to the program and we follow through with the rules to insure a weight loss. But then something happens that derails us…a holiday, a celebration or frustration and boredom at the rate of loss. What can we do to keep on track and to continue on this process so that it becomes second nature.

For me, I am likely to stay on a healthy eating program if it is easy. Meaning that I don’t have to think about it much when it comes to food choices. My main strategy for success is meal planning. I do it the skinnythick way by making several meals at once. I typically make a large meal on Sunday and break it up over the week into smaller meals. I then purchase lunch and breakfast items for the week, like yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast and thin-sliced turkey for sandwiches for lunch. When I add carrots and celery, I have the basis for a successful week of meals.

One other strategy that I have used is to make water a central part of my routine. I start each morning with a couple of glasses of water to energize my system. (Believe it or not, I like the feel of the water going down, it “wakes” up my insides!) I also try to get in several bottles a day including a bottle during and after my work out. I have a lot of great resources on water on my Pinterest site! Check it out! Also check out some great water infusion ideas designed specifically to help you hydrate!

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to stay motivated on your weight loss journey. What do you do to stay on your journey to better health? What strategies have worked for you in the past?

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About My Journey to Better Health

Hey!  I’m Cynthia and thanks for joining me on my weight loss journey towards better health!  Like many others, I have been on this journey before, but each time I get better and go further.  When I slip and somehow end up back where I started, I feel a sense of regret.  It takes a lot to attempt weight loss and to regain the weight happens to 95% of us.  So I thought that this time, I’d make you my partners and my witnesses as we journey together towards better health – the skinnythick way!

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